Medicaid Expansion Could Cover at Least Half of Uninsured Adults

Medicaid Expansion Could Cover at Least Half of Uninsured Adults
18 to 64 in Most Georgia Counties
By Tim Sweeney, Director of Health Policy

If you are an uninsured person who lives in Bibb County and earns less than $16,100, or are in a family of that makes less than
$27,300 a year, you and about 52 percent of county residents like you could be eligible for Medicaid under new expansion guidelines. That’s if Georgia leaders choose to expand Medicaid.

Statewide, 47 percent of all uninsured Georgians, ages 18 to 64, have income below 138 percent of the federal poverty level, which meets the new eligibility criteria. Expanding Medicaid to cover these adults could extend health coverage to more than
500,000 uninsured Georgians.

This would significantly improve access to health care services throughout Georgia, most dramatically in 81 counties where adults with income below the new eligibility threshold represent at least half of all uninsured adults. In another 72 counties, newly eligible adults account for at least 40 percent of uninsured adults. There is no county in the state where expansion would cover fewer than one-in-three working age, uninsured adults.

Adults with income under the new threshold are more than three-and-a-half times more likely to go without coverage than children from these same families. This is due in large part to more stringent eligibility rules for adults than for children in Georgia.

The map highlights the percentage of each county’s uninsured adults ages 18 to 64 who earn income that would qualify them for Medicaid health coverage if Georgia expands eligibility.

Please for more information see PDF file document Medicaid-Expansion-Could-Cover-at-Least-Half-of-Working-Age-Adults1-2

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