Let’s cut our prison population in half

Let’s cut our prison population in half

Join actor Michael K. Williams, ACLU’s ambassador for ending mass incarceration, and support our campaign.

For the last four decades, this country has relentlessly expanded our criminal justice system, needlessly throwing away too many lives and trillions of taxpayer dollars.

Our nation’s addiction to incarceration is unsustainable, ineffective, and inhumane.

We need better solutions to the problems our nation faces — mass incarceration is not the answer. We don’t have to put up with an unproductive, wasteful criminal justice system that is dominated by racial disparities.

It’s time to end the failed war on drugs, abolish mandatory minimum laws, and reduce extreme sentencing for petty crimes. Let’s not build any more expensive prisons — instead, let’s invest in strategies that actually make communities safer.

We’re at a critical moment in this country, and together, we have the chance to do better — will you pledge to be a part of the solution?

For more information on ACLU’s Campaign to End Mass Incarceration, click here.

Source: https://action.aclu.org/secure/end-mass-incarceration?ms=TW_150302_massincarceration_pledge_ad_5_1